Once Upon a Time(Movie)[2017]
《Once Upon a Time》(Movie)[2017]
Once Upon a Time(Movie)[2017]

Once Upon a Time (Movie)[2017]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2017
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love | Fantasy

《Once Upon a Time》Episodes

Heavenly God Ares Mo Yuan suppression of the ghost Jun Qing Cang in the sea without any soul, soul scattered, frozen celestial body Qiyan Cave. Qing Qiu Ji Di white light with the same day the crown prince Ye Hua had a marriage contract, the two have never met each other. Until the feast in the East China Sea, Ye Hua found that even with pale and pale, the same appearance as the deceased wife, the potential into the pale green hills, put down Prince figure, in order to solve the mystery of pale and prime. Ye Jin, Princess Fei, is jealous and secretly assists the ghost queen Xuan Nv in taking away Mo Yuan Xian. White shallow fury bloody ghost clan big purple palace, seriously wounded, and finally was saved by Ye Hua. White Hua followed Ye Hua to Jiuliantian, and restored the memory through the clan lantern of the heavenly clan, recalling that she was hurt when she was the prime of life and could not forgive Ye Hua. Su Jin was fraudulently punished and sent to sea without any hate, hate from jealousy, finally crazy, use the little devout blood of Ye Hua to release Qing Cang, a monster sealed by Mo Yuan. In order to safeguard the whole world from time to time, Ye Hua will sacrifice Emperor Dongsheng to the Qing Cang Seal.

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