《Youth》 Movie Character Relationships

《Youth》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Youth》Character Relationships:

《Youth》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Liu Feng

Simple and kind-hearted, he has nothing, only good, is the most humble man in the art troupe, but he took the initiative to swear the regiment's dirty work, for everyone service, so get a model pacesetter, by the entire art troupe like.

He XiaoPing

Is a literary and art female soldier who came from the countryside. After entering the art troupe, the original thought was that all detached groups were often excluded from the art troupes because of their disagreeable personality. So surrounded by a huge sense of loneliness, feel that they are abandoned groups.

Xiao SuiZi

The female troop of the art troupe was a very romantic person full of adolescent girls' hearts. Having witnessed many clashes between He XiaoPing and other members, Liu Feng also witnessed the ups and downs of fate. And Liu Feng's feelings are more like brother and sister, but also have been sympathetic.

Lin DingDing

Her biggest dream is to marry high officials of the army as her daughter-in-law. She is beautiful and pretty. The men and women of the art troupe like her very much. Especially the misunderstanding between Liu Feng and Liu Feng has triggered a series of events of the troupe. .

Hao ShuWen

Straightforward and cheerful girl, Accordion Accordion, is the only band members of female workers in the art troupe, pull the good accordion. The father is a high-level army, she came from a sense of origin noble, and therefore she has jealousy, could not understand this can not be used to that.

Chen Can

Troupe trumpeter, handsome, elegant demeanor without losing the youthful sense of youth, handsome tough shape and superb trumpet skills by the compatriots in the regiment Xiao SuiZi admire.

Xiao BaLei

Art troupe dance team members, her name as people, dance very solid foundation, is a laughing stock on stage. Often with Lin DingDing, Hao ShuWen, Zhuo Ma tease He XiaoPing.

Zhuo Ma

A member of the dance troupe of CYTS, she is a lively character. Originally, she was a dancer of Angle A and was rehearsed for injuries on the snow. He indirectly gave He XiaoPing an opportunity to perform as a corner show.

Zhu Ke

No introduction

Wu DaoLaoShi

No introduction

Zheng Wei

No introduction

Hu ShiZhang

No introduction

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