Kungfu Boys(Movie)[2016]
《Kungfu Boys》(Movie)[2016]

《Kungfu Boys》 Movie Character Relationships

《Kungfu Boys》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Kungfu Boys》Character Relationships:

《Kungfu Boys》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Yuan Lai

Lin QiuNan's uncle, music teacher, he likes An Ran. By coincidence, he and his nephew, who came back from the United States, strayed into the international trap and took control after they were challenged by the thrilling showdown.

Lin QiuNan

Yuan Lai's nephew, taekwondo player, is a Ghost Spirit. He grew up in the United States from childhood is a more avant-garde boy. He returned home with his uncle Yuan Lai with "Super Hero Dream", but his unique way of thinking and a kung fu made him addicted to his campus life and his uncle's affair, and became involved in international crimes. [2]

An Ran

Lin QiuNan's teacher, treating students with patience and kindness, but also is the love, coupled with the sweet appearance so that Yuan Lai teacher infatuated with her. Tranquil and quiet is her unique temperament, and therefore by many male teachers and students love. [5]

Ma LaSong

A scared PE teacher, taekwondo class taught by him is more painful memories of the school students. He fought against Yuan Lai everywhere, staged a series of trials and tribulations and forced the confession of the goddess An Ran. He holds the initiative of love in his own hands, at a crucial time to come forward even more for love assault stalker. [6]

Tian Xin

Lin QiuNan classmate, is a well-behaved and sensible beautiful girl, began to Lin QiuNan free flight in the United States particularly unbearable or even dislike, then the two experienced a life-or-death friend became friends, can be described as suffering See the truth. [7]

Lin MaMa

No introduction

Lin BaBa

No introduction

Song RuoDaoYi

No introduction

A Cheng

No introduction

Fu LiNa

No introduction

Si Ji

No introduction

Xing Zi

No introduction

Xiao Zhang

No introduction

Lin QiuNanTongXue

No introduction

Hui Zi

No introduction

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