Dragon Nest Warriorsdawn(Movie)[2016]
《Dragon Nest Warriorsdawn》(Movie)[2016]
Dragon Nest Warriorsdawn(Movie)[2016]

Dragon Nest Warriorsdawn (Movie)[2016]

Area: China Language: 中文(普通话 | 粤语) | English
Stars: Release data: 2016
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Animation

《Dragon Nest Warriorsdawn》Episodes

The otherwise quiet Alterrian mainland was swept by the forces of Black Dragon and its monster followers. Under the chaos, the people are boring. The nicknamed fish, Lan BoTe, is an ordinary boy living in the town of Kendra on the border of the human kingdom. In order to protect the town, he joined the Dragon Squad established as a tribute to the Black Dragon in his mistake. This temporary alliance of elves, sorcerers, priests, rangers and legendary fighters embarks on the long-forgotten path of the lost, crossing the weird jungle, the fantastic snow-capped mountains and the mysterious time-forgotten ruins of the Black Dragon Nests, can be in front of, but there are unexpected crises waiting for their arrival. The hardships and bizarre circumstances of the journey have led to the rapid growth of Lan BoTe and the deepening understanding of the word "battle". Can he finally find the meaning of his own battle?

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