MUM GO GO GO(Movie)[2015]
《MUM GO GO GO》(Movie)[2015]
MUM GO GO GO(Movie)[2015]

MUM GO GO GO (Movie)[2015]

Area: China Language:
Stars: Release data: 2015
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Family | Drama

《MUM GO GO GO》Episodes

A successful career, Wang Qing is emotionally betrayed by her husband, Yin JianPing and her friend Hu Li. Daughter Dou Dou was frightened of aphasia, was found not Jianping birth, Wang Qing left Yin home. Housing leaks were nightmares, workplace fraudulent Wang Qing was forced to leave and start the restaurant. Become acquainted with Peng Juan and Xiao Zhi mother and son. Peng Juan suffered from a serious illness and entrusted Xiao Zhi to Wang Qing on her deathbed. Restaurant management difficult, Wang Qing dilemma, Zhou KaiWen first love to help hand, want to renew love. When Hu Li was pregnant, Wang Qing agreed to divorce Jian Ping. Jian Ping's career crisis, Hu Li noisy accidental abortion. Jianping parents miss their granddaughter, back Dou Dou and Xiao Zhi. Hu Li was in trouble Dou Dou, Xiao Zhi thus clashed with Hu Li, and Dou Dou spoke suddenly. Hu Li accidentally pulled Xiao Zhi is the fact that Wang Qing and Jianping parenting. Jianping hopes to remarry with Wang Qing, Hu Li silently left. Wang Qing in the face of the feelings of both Jianping and Kevin, dilemma. In the face of the sword of repentance, Wang Qing decided to return to Yin, giving her two children, giving himself and a sword for the truly regrettable sword, recovering her past love and forming a new happy home.

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