Deviland Angel(Movie)[2015]
《Deviland Angel》(Movie)[2015]

《Deviland Angel》Cast

Mo FeiLi Deng Chao Play)

Living in an abandoned factory "Dungeon", he is like a shuttle in the modern city of "Monkey King." Mo FeiLi is a professional debt collector, cynical rogue, flexible mind countless cleverness. Living hard to sharpen his strong cold heart, do not care about other people, only care about whether or not to survive, in order to get back all the debt to its very. Cha XiaoDao became his first insurmountable "mountain", when they are close to each other, insomnia is cured, the heart becomes soft. [5]

Deng Chao

Deng Chao was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in 1979. He is an actor, film director, and investor in mainland China. In 1995, he was admitted to the drama class of Jiangxi Vocational College of Arts. In 1998, he was admitted to the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. After graduation, he was incorporated into the National Theatre of China. From 2001 to 2002, he starred in the sitcom "Kuailoqingchun" and the romantic comedy "When Love Lost His Memory" and later in the "Juvenile emperor" played the emperor Shunzhi, and then embarked on a comedy path that was very different from the comedy, followed by Juvenile Kang Xi. The plays such as "End of Ming FY" and "Best in the World" are called "The Emperor's Professional Household". In 2005, he starred in "Happiness is like a flower" and "Comrades: Almosta LoveStory" and successfully played "the children of the high school." By the 12th year, he starred in "Youth mystery", "Youth my brother" and "Ten years of love". In 2006, the main film "Assembly" won the Best Supporting Actor Award and nominated Golden Rooster Award. In 2007, the starring movie "TheEquationofLove & Death" won the Golden Phoenix Award. In 2009, he starred in the martial arts film DetectiveDeeandtheMysteryofthePhantomFlame, and was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor. In 10-13 years, he starred in the trilogy of box-office films “Painted Wall” and “Four Famous Catch”. For 12 years, he starred in the "China Partners" box office at 530 million yuan. Founded in 13 years, Deng Chao studio set up company. In 2014, he directed the comedy drama “Master of Breakups” at the box office of 660 million, and was the captain of the program “Chinese Running Man” during the same period, among which the ratings exceeded 5%. In 15 years, he won the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival Best Actor Award and the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor Award for the crime film TheDeadEnd. 16 years starring comedy "Aquamarine" at the box office 3.39 billion, starring in the same year starring love drama "I Belonged to You" at the box office 813 million. In 17 years, he starred in the art film "Wind and Waves" with over one billion at the box office. In the same year, he won the 31st China Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor in the same year with TheDeadEnd.

Cha XiaoDao Li Sun Play)

In the mother's expectations grew up, a huge pressure from childhood, strive to strive for by the upper reaches. Old-fashioned personality does not know flexible, high IQ low emotional representatives, emotional experience is zero. At every step in his growth, he has been awarded the Ph.D. at a young age and graduated from Nanxiang Technical School or a professional accountant. In the face of Mo FeiLi, she is the biggest variable in her life. [6]

Li Sun

Sun Li, (Chinese: 孙俪, born 26 September 1982), also known as Susan Sun, is a Chinese actress. She is hailed by critics and netizens as China's "Queen of Television".

Zhe ErGen Chao Liang Play)

Dr. Erzen Zhe ErGen, Mo FeiLi's good brother and debt collection partner. Mo FeiLi and Cha XiaoDao are two of his "patients," and the paramedics introduced Mo Fei Li as "medicine" to Cha XiaoDao. [3]

Chao Liang

Jiang Chaoliang is a Chinese banker and politician, and current Communist Party Secretary of Hubei province.

Guo SiSi Lele Dai Play)

Hotel boss Guo SiSi, a leopard, blond makeup, always harassed Mo FeiLi's idiot woman. "Dungeon" similar to the existence of a landlady, there are many people living in the city, they have no place, wandering, unable to integrate with the city, did not find their place, but the underground city is the paradise in their eyes. [7]

Lele Dai

Dai Lele, born July 6, 1982 in Beijing, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and the mainland actress. In 1997 starred in the TV series "Little Devil Lu Zhisheng", since the beginning of performing arts. In 2000 idol scene comedy "Insect diary". In 2004, he participated in the urban emotional drama "What to move, do not move the feelings." Yu Bai Mei in 2006 and cooperation of the "house front", "invincible three legs cat" two works. In 2009 starred drama "Cuihua" eight years of classic version. In 2011 he starred in the comedy movie "Crazy dinner", starring in the same year urban drama "Lin master" in Seoul and family drama "daughter-in-law is how to make." In 2012, she participated in family emotion light comedy "naive encounter reality." In 2014 guest starred in the comedy movie "breaking up master", the same year in the TV series "my heart brilliant" plays the red. 2015 starring in the urban love light comedy "Peach Blossom" broadcast, December 24 starred in the comedy movie "villain angel" release. In 2016 in the urban emotional light comedy "Housewife also fight." Shen Hong starred in the end of 2016 the movie "Love" released at the box office broke 600000000, was praised "China a good wife."

More Deviland Angel Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yanhui Wang Hua Zong Shell company CEOs, former owner of Cha XiaoDao. Bearded face, looks kind. Mantra "I am anxious." [8]
Yuanhui Luan Ji JingLi Shell general manager, Hua Zong dry son. Due to the involvement of Mo FeiLi and Cha XiaoDao, the company lost millions, so Ivan Yu found a joint deal with Mo FeiLi. [8]
Zhao Man bamboo Rui SiMo From dress up to action are full of Big Sister means, Hua Zong men, Nisdi game halls. [8]
Kejia Xu Ivanov pull only pull library pocket Bodyguard identity, Russian mixed. Because of the former boss was forced to Debt Mo Fei Li dislocation was expelled, after the switch to kill pigs, Mo FeiLi hate. [8]
Xinming Yang Lao Ding Always carrying two big turtles named boss and sophomore, frowning grievances. Lao Ding, an old Nesti employee, invites Mo FeiLi to help peasant workers who owe wages owe their debt. [8]
Zimu Zhang Tong NianChaXiaoDao No introduction
Xuanqi Zou Tong NianMoFeiLi No introduction
Dachuan Sun Car rental company brother No introduction
Yu Beibei Hu Shi No introduction
Shuangbao Wang Qian ZhaiLaoBan No introduction
Lu Zhang Nv JiaoShi No introduction
(None) Yu WenLaoShi No introduction

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