Chase after(Movie)[2014]
《Chase after》(Movie)[2014]
Chase after(Movie)[2014]

Chase after (Movie)[2014]

Area: China Language:
Stars: Release data: 2014
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: War | Spy war

《Chase after》Episodes

In 1945, Zhong TieHan and Xu XiaoYue, captain of the anti-Japanese guerrilla intelligence work of Guangdong Communist Party, were ordered to go to Hong Kong to rescue Huai Te, a British agent captured by Japanese troops. At that moment, Wu RenFu, KMT's UNIFIL special team and Jin KouZhengSan, the Japanese spy chief, were also tracing the whereabouts of Huai Te because Huai Te held important intelligence about the British arsenal. Zhong TieHan, Wu RenFu, Jin KouZhengSan As a teenager, they studied military affairs together in China. Huai Te used to be their teacher. However, when they were adults, they took different paths and their friends and classmates fell apart in different beliefs. Zhong TieHan and others secretly sneaked into Hong Kong, and Jin KouZhengSan launched a desperate struggle, undercover camp, the Japanese intelligence organization successfully crackdown. Zhong TieHan harvested the love of Xu XiaoYue and successfully obtained important information. After Japan surrendered, Jin KouZhengSan absconded, Zhong TieHan pursued, and eventually Jin KouZhengSan fell into the net.

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