The Bodyguard(Movie)[2016]
《The Bodyguard》(Movie)[2016]
The Bodyguard(Movie)[2016]

The Bodyguard (Movie)[2016]

Area: Hong Kong | Mainland China Language: Mandarin | Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 2016
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Action | Adventure

《The Bodyguard》Episodes

Lao Ding, who retired for many years, has always been deeply blame for the lost granddaughter of the park, which exacerbated his psychological burden. He was old and his memory was rapidly deteriorating. Later, he met the neighbor girl Chunhua. Once a young granddaughter Sporadic memory was slowly restored, contrary to expectations, Chunhua's father Li ZhengJiu poor conduct, poor family environment, so she involved in a complex international criminal cases, the old agent at this time a knife help, whole body is strong, thus spanning from the northeast To Russia, from the warmth to the fist foot chase chain.

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