Poor Rich Dad(Movie)[2014]
《Poor Rich Dad》(Movie)[2014]

《Poor Rich Dad》 Movie Character Relationships

《Poor Rich Dad》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Poor Rich Dad》Character Relationships:

《Poor Rich Dad》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Li Bing

Li Bing is a billionaire whose wife has been harmed by the death of his wife and has been using her work to neglect her son. In order to educate the spoiled Li Zhi, she pretended to go bankrupt, reported a "zero-fee" tour package, With his son poor tour of Hong Kong, arrived in Hong Kong, but in the streets suffered robbery, wandering the streets.

Li Zhi

Li Zhi is the son of Li Bing, a second-generation, rebellious character who is a full-fledged "bear child." At school, Li Zhi often used money to help students cheat him in examinations. To educate him, his father reported a "zero Group tour "mission, arrived in Hong Kong, unexpected because of ignorance and Li Bing caused a variety of noisy, eat a lot of pain.

Xin Er

Xin Er is an upright and brave journalist who has undercover her tour into Taiwan to investigate the shady tourism industry. Never expected to encounter rich poor father Li Bing and his son Li Zhi, then they work together to expose the shady travel agency, and experienced an intense Hong Kong 囧 tour.

Li ZhiMaMa

Li Bing's wife, who died of illness for three years because of illness, was a man who lived in the memories of Li Bing and his son. Before his death, Li Bing left a well-written letter and asked him to look after he left. He often reminded Li Bing in the letter Focus on children's education and parent-child relationship, and Li Bing's remarriage.

Dao You

No introduction

Mei MeiMaMa

No introduction

Mei Mei

No introduction

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