Er Shu(Movie)[2013]
《Er Shu》(Movie)[2013]
Er Shu(Movie)[2013]

Er Shu (Movie)[2013]

Area: China Language:
Stars: Release data: 2013
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama

《Er Shu》Episodes

Uncle Er ZhiQiang hit small known as "donkey", 12-year-old parents died, followed Brother grew up. The summer of 1981, Uncle second year after the entrance examination, after another unlucky thing: first girlfriend Xiao Wei's mother spoke to him coldly, and later accidentally put his brother's truck into Jiangti, big brother came to rescue, even people With the car sink into the river, Uncle's heart to the end. Uncle found his enemy caught his car, a few people hit it, the result was seriously injured, was sentenced to five years in jail. Uncle released from prison, Xiao Wei did not come to pick him up, he saw the sister and several grown children. He wants to move out to live, sister-in-law, that uncle will always be the people of this family. Xiao Wei did not come to see Uncle, he and his neighbor's baby Pearl marriage. Uncle Er did not work, but also do not want to eat freelander, he would like to feed the family, the children training adults, realize his vows in front of the grave brother. Time flies, nephews and nieces are grown adults. Unfortunately, uncle had a good uremia, the children decided to donate the kidney to save him, he was lying in bed with tears.

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