Z風暴 (Movie)[2014]

Area: Hong Kong | Mainland China Language: Mandarin | Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 2014
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Action | Crime


On the 1st, an eye-wounded woman suddenly appeared at the ICAC headquarters, threatening to sue Commercial Crime Bureau Superintendent of Administration Huang WenBin () corruption, the chief investigating officer of the ICAC Executive Office Lu ZhiLian () and players took over the investigation, during the tracing process , Lu ZhiLian found out that it was not easy because Huang WenBin, a police superintendent, not only did not stop the crime from happening, but took part in the crimes. Just as the investigation gradually started, key witnesses were killed one by one, including Rod Wing, and all the clues and evidence were also lost. However, Lu ZhiLian, who did not give up, did not give up. With the appearance of the mysterious girl Angel () Found out that lawyer Hu ZhiYong and Xu HuaiJing, chairman of the "Care Fund", have ulterior motives. Lu ZhiLian faces a huge corruption group this time: including retired senior officials, senior police force, business tycoons, senior lawyers, accountants and more, which involved the 15 billion "care fund" used by the Hong Kong government for poverty alleviation ......

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