Lian Mei Chun Li Play)

"Guanyin reincarnation" Lian Mei, compassion and tolerance, to educate the people, and Guanyin treasure together, is God.

Chun Li

Li Chun (simplified Chinese: 李纯; traditional Chinese: 李純; pinyin: Lǐ Chún; born January 11, 1988 in Yueyang, Hunan, China) is a Chinese singer and actress. Better known as Junjun (ジュンジュン), she is a former member of the Japanese girl group Morning Musume. Along with Qian Lin, she is one of the few non-Japanese members in the history of Morning Musume.

Hui E Hideo Nakaizumi Play)

Hui el-monks from Japan, who came to Datang for a Buddism godness Guanyin treasure, traveled thousands of miles to Japan and persisted in their pursuit of Buddhism. They were responsible for disseminating Buddhist culture and made touching deeds.

Hideo Nakaizumi

Hideo Nakaizumi (Nakaizumi Hideo), born on December 23, 1976 in Central Japan, Shikoku, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, is an actor in Japan. In 2001, starred in the first love piece "Pain". In 2005, starred in the absurd movie "Who is Camus." In 2006, starring drama "Kamen Rider KABUTO." In 2009, by virtue of the war film "Nanjing! Nanjing! "And widespread concern. In 2011, starring in the emotional movie "first arrived in Tokyo." In 2012, starring in the mysterious love movie "Black Corner." In 2013, he participated in the fictional epic film "Kill-killing Order"; the same year, starring in Guanyin's feature film, "Unwilling to go to Guanyin." In 2015, with the starring anti-war movie "Where to Go" won the Golden Courage International Chinese Film Festival nomination for best actor; the same year, participated in the war drama "life and death blood symbol."

Ju HuangHou Ryoko Nakano Play)

Ju HuangHou, a Japanese man with one heart and one soul, and loving people.

Ryoko Nakano

Ryoko Nakano (中野 良子, Nakano Ryōko, born 6 May 1950) is a Japanese actress.

Zheng TaiFei Gaowa Siqin Play)

Zheng TaiFei.

Gaowa Siqin

Siqin Gaowa (ᠰᠡᠴᠡᠩᠭ᠋ᠣᠣ᠎ᠠ, Mongolian Cyrillic Цэцэнгуа, born 19 January 1950), born Duan Anlin, is a Swiss actress with a Han Chinese father and a Mongolian mother. She was born in Guangzhou. Her father died early and she was brought up by her mother in Inner Mongolia. She is married to musician Chen Liangsheng (陈亮声) since 1986 and currently holds Swiss citizenship together with her husband.

More Avalokitesvara Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yuan Nie Li Yi The majestic king of light, from the dormancy of the light Wang period to the last counterattack succeeded as the emperor, Tang Xuanzong because of frailty and burn the bodyguard Guanyin treasure.
Niu Ben Yu XiuFeng No introduction
Fengbin Mo Yu Chi No introduction
Wei-Lin Sang Si Ma No introduction
Wang Zengqi Hai Sheng No introduction
Kuroki Shinji Qing MuHeShang No introduction
(None) Yu Min No introduction

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