Avalokitesvara (Movie)[2013]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin | Japan
Stars: Release data: 2013
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Costume


Tang, Mei Cen Shan secret porcelain entertainer Yu XiuFeng for frail Guanggu Li Yi burning a Buddism godness Guanyin treasure enshrined in Mount Wutai. When the statue was made, he picked up a baby girl, so he took it home and named it Lian Mei. People say that the coming of the baby girl and a Buddism godness Guanyin treasure is an act of God and a manifestation of the Goddess of Mercy. Twenty years later, Lian Mei grows into a very touching young girl who is kindhearted and compassionate, because her adoptive father told her that all passers-by may be her biological parents. People also say that Lian Mei's kind character is as full of compassion as Guanyin Bodhisattva. Tang Wuzong awarded the decree to destroy Buddhism, Mount Wutai abbot commissioned Lian Mei a Buddism godness Guanyin seat back to Meisen mountain dust. At this time Japan's domestic war, Ju HuangHou anxious, so that Tang Hui Hui monk went to Tang to apply for the statue of Guanyin Dongdu Japan worship. Hui E came to Wutaishan learned that treasure has been down, they will follow the way away. Tang Wusong ordered Yu Chi generals to kill Guangwang, Lian Mei compassionate rescue, disguise Wang Guang, Li Yi escape danger, Yu XiuFeng was killed. Hui E hugs Guanyin treasure, Lian Mei, Hai Sheng. Lian Mei and Hai Sheng came to Ming Zhou to protect the mysterious porcelain of Guanyin. They were hunted down by Song adults, who were purged to defeat Buddhism. Yu Chi design beheaded Lian Mei, evoked the king of light in the asylum. When critical, coincides with the sudden death of Tang Wukong, Li Yi ascended the throne. Lian Mei finally able to send mysterious porcelain portrait of Guanyin sent back to Mount Wutai. Hui E once again into the Tang, with the help of Lian Mei, the rain once again ask the secret porcelain Guanyin seat, and finally do so. Hui E boarded the ship sailing back to Japan, passing through the Mount Cenzen, the sea suddenly stormy, secret porcelain Guanyin like falling into the sea. Lian Mei plunges into the sea and picks up the treasure, but he disappears into the storm. Hui E Great compassion, but see the blossoming lotus came down, the sea surrounded by boats, paved a sea of ​​lotus. Hui E saw the summit of Mescen, standing in the white lotus goddess of mercy, that is Lian Mei. Hui E came to realize that Guanyin instructed him that he should not only be a dense porcelain of the Guanyin treasure when brought back to Japan but should be the great compassionate spirit of the Goddess of Mercy. Only this Japan can be peaceful. So he resolutely decided to sacrifice this mysterious porcelain seat of Guanyin Mount Meuse. Since then, Mount Putuo mountains, and gradually become the world-famous temple of a Buddism godness Guanyin.

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