The Lego Movie(Movie)[2014]
《The Lego Movie》(Movie)[2014]
The Lego Movie(Movie)[2014]

The Lego Movie (Movie)[2014]

Area: United States | Australia | Denmark Language: English
Stars: Release data: 2014
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Animation | Adventure

《The Lego Movie》Episodes

Witness Wei TeLuWei tried to stop the super weapon Kragle from falling into the hands of the evil Shang YeZhiWang, but he failed and was blinded by a laser and his eyes were blind. However, he warned Shang YeZhiWang of having a " Heavenly Giant "can find Piece of Resistance to stop Kragle. Eight and a half years later, an ordinary builder, Ai MiTe, met the mysterious woman Kuang YeMei () looking for something on his site. Ai MiTe accidentally dropped into the hole, but accidentally found the Piece of Resistance. When touched by this mysterious machine, Ai MiTe fell into an illusion and fainted. Wake up and found a bad police guarding him, this person is Shang YeZhiWang's men, carrying Piece of Resistance on the back. Here Ai MiTe learns that Shang YeZhiWang plans to use Kragle () to solidify the world. Kuang YeMei rescued Ai MiTe and took him to the west to meet with Wei TeLuWei, explaining to her that she and the wizard Wei TeLuWei are both "masters of architecture" who were able to build as fast as they could without the need for a building manual Everything needed. Later Shang YeZhiWang forces gradually powerful, he could not identify with such unlimited creativity, they captured many people. Ai MiTe, the "God of Heaven," is destined to defeat Shang YeZhiWang, but disappointment by Wyldstyle and Wei TeLuWei found that Ai MiTe did not show any creativity. Bad cops tracked Ai MiTe, Kuang YeMei and Wei TeLuWei as pedestrians. Kuang YeMei's boyfriend Bian FuXia () rescued them and took them across Central Zealand to Cloud Cloth Paradise where the splendid architects are meeting. They were not impressed by Ai MiTe's speech and refused to fight Shang YeZhiWang. The bad cop and his army raided and captured all the masters of construction except Ai MiTe and several others. Ai MiTe believes the reason these master architects can not work together to defeat the enemy is because of their own creativity. He came up with a team plan to infiltrate the Shang YeZhiWang headquarters, but he and his companions were seized closed. Wei TeLuWei tried to resist but was beheaded by Shang YeZhiWang. He said before his death that this prophecy was made by him and that it did not exist at all. Shang YeZhiWang threw the Piece of Resistance into the margins of the universe, set up a self-destruct program at headquarters and left everyone, including the bad cop here. At this moment, Wei TeLuWei's soul appears in front of Ai MiTe, telling him that although it is not true, you can only believe in yourself as the "person of the heavenly bodies." Ai MiTe, tied to the self-destruction device's power, avoided further dangers with the help of bad cops in order to save her friends by throwing themselves at the edge of the universe. Inspired by Ai MiTe, Kuang YeMei brings together all the LEGO people, under the leadership of the architect, to create their own creativity and build the machinery and weapons that can counter Shang YeZhiWang.Ai MiTe finds himself in the real world of human beings, all of which are based on the imagination of Finn, a little boy playing Papa's Lego toy. From the point of view of Ai MiTe, the father was "upstairs man", accusing his son of messing around with his combo character in a mess of his Lego suit, and intending to glue the perfection he had kept permanently glued with glue. Ai MiTe realized that his friends were in danger, so he moved himself down to the table, noticed by Finn, and Finn picked up Ai MiTe and the Piece of Resistance back into the Lego suit. Ai MiTe created a large number of robots to help his friend against Shang YeZhiWang. In the real human world, Finn's dad was impressed with the strange creation of his son. Realizing that the child created the wicked character of Shang YeZhiWang with his prototype, his father changed his mind and allowed Finn to follow him My idea of ​​playing high. In the LEGO world, Ai MiTe also made Shang YeZhiWang realize that he is also special and that everyone is special. The moved Shang YeZhiWang destroyed Kragle with the Piece of Resistance () and used a sprinkler to thaw previously frozen victims. The world is saved, Ai MiTe celebrates with friends. Kuang YeMei, whose real name is Lucy, became Ai MiTe's girlfriend. However aliens LEGO treasure family claimed that they will invade, in fact, his father allowed Finn's sister to play with him.

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