To Love Somebody(Movie)[2014]
《To Love Somebody》(Movie)[2014]

《To Love Somebody》 Movie Character Relationships

《To Love Somebody》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《To Love Somebody》Character Relationships:

《To Love Somebody》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Yang AnNi

Yang AnNi, Bridal Photography Assistant Yang AnNi, was unable to work as a photographer in the bridal salon. Yang AnNi led her team to help Lin Fan, who newly arrived but did not feel comfortable, to ensure the successful completion of the bridal gown.

Lin Fan

Lin Fan, an eco photographer who works in Hainan. By chance, she met a wedding tour led by Yang AnNi, a bridal salon photography assistant.

Huang ZiHong

A delicate, gentle and kind fiance, perfect for his girlfriend, but after all, or because each other know too little time, not able to fully understand each other in the wedding photo holiday travel process, or find each other in the lifestyle, There are all kinds of contradictions and differences in personal character that make him start to wonder if he and his girlfriend decided to get married so quickly.

He JiaXin

A business woman, elite, had a serious rift in her work, emotions and marriage with her husband respectively. After their deliberations, the two men decided to break up peacefully and devote themselves to a journey away from home before signing the divorce agreement. Trying to travel in the process, see if this is about to restore this broken marriage and love

Lin ZiZe

LinziZe, a tenacious owner of the company, whose marriage to his wife is about to end soon after ten years. Before breaking up, the two came to Hainan together and spent the last part of their married life.

Ming Yang

No introduction

Chen Ying

No introduction

Li Qi

No introduction

Liang Tao

No introduction

Wu Jiao

No introduction

Xiao Jiang

No introduction

Da Wei

No introduction

He EnEn

No introduction

Xiao Chang

No introduction


No introduction

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