Work hard to fall in love(Movie)[2012]
《Work hard to fall in love》(Movie)[2012]

《Work hard to fall in love》 Movie Character Relationships

《Work hard to fall in love》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Work hard to fall in love》Character Relationships:

《Work hard to fall in love》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Xu Yue

Actor, 80 after the previous representatives, childhood father orthodox ideological education, integrity is good, open both in the conservative. Engaged in technical work, technology is excellent, but disdain some of the workplace laws and regulations, it can not get rapid promotion. Feelings of relatively passive, and actress Mi En childhood sweetheart childhood friend, as Mi En as their own relatives in general, and he and actress Mi En most emotionally the biggest obstacle.

Mi En

Actress, post-80s, 13-year-old immigrants to the United States, although overseas life experience, but childhood memories deep in their character, lively and lovely personality, weird, usually like to fool around actor Xu Yue, but met When the event can show the age does not match with the mature personality, as the most determined backing of the hero Xu Yue, accompanied by the hero Xu Yue tide over the tide. Childhood like actor Xu Yue, the hero Xu Yue affectionate.

Guo Guo

Xu Yue's niece, daughter of Xu Peng, cute and sensible little girl, who lived with Xu Yue since childhood, has an excellent relationship with Xu Yue. However, her family has been arguing all the time. The ultimate parents divorced. With the help of Xu Yue Sensible Guo Guo eventually became a key factor in parental compounding.

Wang ZhaoBing

Xu Yue, friend, buddhist, rekindler, low education, technical originator, was never seen before Xu Yue was always denied access to be appreciated by Xu Yue. A lot of problems, lust, licker, especially in the feelings of men and women have their own set of special ideas, people feel a bit frivolous, but good nature, and later Ting Ting gradually began to change.

Ting Ting

Mi En friends, divorced from their parents, poor performance of their father left a psychological shadow, do not believe in love, do not believe in men, despise some underachievement upstarts, rich second generation, with their own color to punish them Action, walk on the brink of dangerous games. Very filial mothers, mothers to visit by chance, to promote its interaction with Wang ZhaoBing and change.

Feng XiaoQian

Xu Yue, an 80-year-old female boss of the same age, had to temporarily take over ZB Software as both her parents died in a traffic accident. They were excluded from their old colleagues because they did not understand technology in the company's internal struggle. Xu Yue Career Opportunities in the Trough of Life and Career Opportunities Xu Yue's Superior Technical Capabilities Let Feng XiaoQian Get Rid of the Adverse Situation in the Company and Take Control of the Whole Situation Well until Xu Yue can work independently and create a new company for Xu Yue, Feng XiaoQian finds herself a little bit Fell in love with Xu Yue.

Lu Han

Xu Yue's dream lover, her favorite object, was originally a pure representative, behind her complicated story, a third party who inadvertently became a rich man, with the help of Xu Yue, successfully out of her third party status, Learning to be independent and reluctant to get used to material enjoyment, halfway through frustrated Xu Yue. Although obsessed with material, but heart pure and helpful, belong to the atypical third party.

Dian Zhu

No introduction

Xu ChengEn

No introduction

Xu ChengLing

No introduction

Fang HongSheng

No introduction

Xu Peng

No introduction

Yang FuZong

No introduction

Fang Jie

No introduction

Li Ming

No introduction

Lin Shuang

No introduction

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