Work hard to fall in love(Movie)[2012]
《Work hard to fall in love》(Movie)[2012]

《Work hard to fall in love》Cast

Xu Yue Yuchen Zhu Play)

Actor, 80 after the previous representatives, childhood father orthodox ideological education, integrity is good, open both in the conservative. Engaged in technical work, technology is excellent, but disdain some of the workplace laws and regulations, it can not get rapid promotion. Feelings of relatively passive, and actress Mi En childhood sweetheart childhood friend, as Mi En as their own relatives in general, and he and actress Mi En most emotionally the biggest obstacle.

Yuchen Zhu

Zhu Yuchen (Chinese: 朱雨辰; pinyin: Zhū Yǔchén; born February 27, 1979) is a Chinese film actor.

Mi En Junbo Sui Play)

Actress, post-80s, 13-year-old immigrants to the United States, although overseas life experience, but childhood memories deep in their character, lively and lovely personality, weird, usually like to fool around actor Xu Yue, but met When the event can show the age does not match with the mature personality, as the most determined backing of the hero Xu Yue, accompanied by the hero Xu Yue tide over the tide. Childhood like actor Xu Yue, the hero Xu Yue affectionate.

Junbo Sui

Tùy Tuấn Ba, born in Changchun City, Jilin Province, graduated from the performance department of the Central Academy of Drama and is an actress in Mainland China. In 2002, he participated in the first TV series "City Starry Sky". In 2006 participated in the war drama "Spy war ancient hill pond." 2007 starring youth criminal detective drama "behind the beautiful." In 2008 starring youth growth comedy "My Beauty boss", starred in the same year spy drama "Harbin under the night." 2009 starring CCTV drama "under the Nanyang", the same year starring love drama "sin love." 2010 starring love police gangster drama "new never stop", the same year starring costume historical drama "Su San." In 2011 participating inspirational love drama "man gang." In 2012 for the first time in the comedy "sports fat man", starred in urban love drama "off work to pay close attention to love", the same year won the BQ Red List "annual fashion charm Reds" award. 2013 starring urban family light comedy "old strict women do not have to worry about marrying", the same year appeared spy war emotional drama "bloody isolated island." In 2016, starring in urban emotional drama "girlfriends married". In 2017, the third anti-war legend "Old Legend" with Li Youbin; in October, a spy war drama "Vulcan" starring Zhu Yongteng was launched in Hengdian.

Guo Guo Huangli Xu Play)

Xu Yue's niece, daughter of Xu Peng, cute and sensible little girl, who lived with Xu Yue since childhood, has an excellent relationship with Xu Yue. However, her family has been arguing all the time. The ultimate parents divorced. With the help of Xu Yue Sensible Guo Guo eventually became a key factor in parental compounding.

Huangli Xu

Huangli Xu, born November 30, 1999 in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, native of Poyang, student, child star, actress in Mainland China. From 2004 to 2010, she participated in the filming of 78 films and TV shows and became the "girl star who shot the most films and TV shows in the world." The China World Record Association presented her two certificates, "World Records" and "The Worlds". In 2010, he starred in "Can not Live Without Mother", starred in the role of a brother in 2011, participated in the film "The King of Fighters," and played Wu Wu; participated in the TV series "Secret History of Empress Wu Zetian" as Princess Taiping (Juvenile). In 2012 starring "Kiku Spring / Autumn" Nana. In 2013, I starred in the movie "Me and Us - My Story in Zhou Enlai's Class", featuring Yina Nina, a female film starring in the movie "Crossing the Beacon Line" and playing Mau Fei Fei. In 2014, he participated in the drama "Father is a dragon", starring Wang Lele. In 2016 starred in the drama "Mulan mother"

Wang ZhaoBing Haitao Du Play)

Xu Yue, friend, buddhist, rekindler, low education, technical originator, was never seen before Xu Yue was always denied access to be appreciated by Xu Yue. A lot of problems, lust, licker, especially in the feelings of men and women have their own set of special ideas, people feel a bit frivolous, but good nature, and later Ting Ting gradually began to change.

Haitao Du

Du Haitao (simplified Chinese: 杜海涛; traditional Chinese: 杜海濤; pinyin: Dù Hǎitāo) (born 28 October 1987), also known as Hito Du, is a host of Happy Camp of HNTV in China. He was born in October 28, 1987 and hosts several entertainment programmes of HNTV. Because of participating in Talent Show, he joined HNTV and from then on began his hosting career. Now, he is one of the most famous host in HNTV.

More Work hard to fall in love Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Deboran Ting Ting Mi En friends, divorced from their parents, poor performance of their father left a psychological shadow, do not believe in love, do not believe in men, despise some underachievement upstarts, rich second generation, with their own color to punish them Action, walk on the brink of dangerous games. Very filial mothers, mothers to visit by chance, to promote its interaction with Wang ZhaoBing and change.
Ya sun Feng XiaoQian Xu Yue, an 80-year-old female boss of the same age, had to temporarily take over ZB Software as both her parents died in a traffic accident. They were excluded from their old colleagues because they did not understand technology in the company's internal struggle. Xu Yue Career Opportunities in the Trough of Life and Career Opportunities Xu Yue's Superior Technical Capabilities Let Feng XiaoQian Get Rid of the Adverse Situation in the Company and Take Control of the Whole Situation Well until Xu Yue can work independently and create a new company for Xu Yue, Feng XiaoQian finds herself a little bit Fell in love with Xu Yue.
Chengyuan Li Lu Han Xu Yue's dream lover, her favorite object, was originally a pure representative, behind her complicated story, a third party who inadvertently became a rich man, with the help of Xu Yue, successfully out of her third party status, Learning to be independent and reluctant to get used to material enjoyment, halfway through frustrated Xu Yue. Although obsessed with material, but heart pure and helpful, belong to the atypical third party.
ZZZ Dian Zhu No introduction
Yanjun Bi Xu ChengEn No introduction
Danping Shen Xu ChengLing No introduction
Tai-ming Pan Fang HongSheng No introduction
Yi Zhang Xu Peng No introduction
Weiyu Cao Yang FuZong No introduction
Aiqi Liang Fang Jie No introduction
Always light Li Ming No introduction
Tami Lin Shuang No introduction

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