Secretly and Greatly(Movie)[2013]
《Secretly and Greatly》(Movie)[2013]
Secretly and Greatly(Movie)[2013]

Secretly and Greatly (Movie)[2013]

Area: Korea Language: Korean
Stars: Release data: 2013
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Action

《Secretly and Greatly》Episodes

Two years ago, North Korea's 5446 Secret Special Forces dispatched a five-star team leader Kim Soo-hyun to sneak into a village in South Korea to act as a spy. Yuan Fang Ming Fang Dong Jiu, a stupid identity settled in a stingy aunt home, he knew every person in the village's life and trends, at the same time in order to be exposed without having to make some silly silly it is ironic. With Kim Jong Il's death, there seems to be a slight change in the motherland. Li HaiLang (Park Ki-woong), the leader of the Black Dragon team, and rival Li HaiZhen (Lee Hyun-woo (actor), the mentor of Sensee), appeared one after another in the village. A lonely East long ago will be a little back in front of two comrades, and in the deal with the "enemy" people, his heart's cold is also slowly changing. One day, an order against 5446 troop spies came and the fate of the three young people ushered in the most serious pass ...

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