Key の か か っ ta department house(Movie)[2012]
《Key の か か っ ta department house》(Movie)[2012]
Key の か か っ ta department house(Movie)[2012]

Key の か か っ ta department house (Movie)[2012]

Area: Japan Language: 日本语
Stars: Release data: 2012
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Suspense

《Key の か か っ ta department house》Episodes

The play is adapted from the eponymous novel of popular horror inference novel writer familiar to readers due to the works such as "Dark House" and "Blue Flame". The "Evil Catechu" published in 2010 has aroused great repercussions due to its impact. The Locked Room features a collection of episodes of the crime prevention detective 榎 this series of trilogy "locked room", "glass mallets," "wonderful unit", in the form of a set of stories made into a TV series. Specifically set the story background of each episode as a secret room, completely subverted the feeling of 9:00 TV on Monday night through the elaborate "Chamber Trap Series"! This is a detective entertainment show from adolescents, young women to young men and middle-aged and older groups, suitable for all ages. The original author Gui you Yosuke is also the third words in the play guest star corner. Jia BenJing, an anti-crime expert who describes himself as "a lock that can not be opened up in this world," has cracked down on various types of complex mausoleum murder cases through the commission of lawyer Cecilia Ho and his subordinate Qing DiChunZi. The slogan of the play, "Chamber of Commerce, broken れ ま し ta. (Chamber has broken)." Jia BenJing, a staff member of a security company, worked hard on the key lock of every age in the spare storage warehouse at the end of the dark corridor of the company building on weekdays and was calm and calm. He was quiet, quiet, rich in unlocking knowledge and keen insight, Knowledge of chemistry and architecture can perfectly reproduce the model of the scene of the accident. He believed that if he killed him, there would be no secret room in this world. In fact, Ben is not interested in the killings, and he is more concerned with the secret room than the prisoners. He is also indifferent to the victims of the case, but he also has his own sense of justice, never before each confession In response, only the expression of eyes, sometimes hate sometimes mercy. By Satoshi Ohno plays the role of a copybook, not only for Monday night 9:00 TV drama in a unique style to maintain the fashion sense, but also created an unprecedented new image. In Locked Room SP, the president of one of the securities firms Serizawa (Satoh ornaments) served as a consultant was killed at home and the painting collection owned by the president was donated to an art gallery, where There was also a murder case at the Art Museum, and both cases were murdered in secret chambers. In such a complicated case, the truth will be revealed in the six months after Junko (Toda ornaments) and Chaben (Ohno) in front of Serizawa. In addition, Hitomi Kuroki (53 years old), Naohito Fujiki (41 years old), Shirō Sano (58 years old), Okada Ede (36 years old) will also star in this drama. Among them, Kuroki will act as the niece of the president of the securities company, Fujimoto will play a popular artist in the modern art world, Sano will play the director of art galleries, Okada will act as apartment manager.

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