Fu Qin De Cao Yuan Mu Qin De He(Movie)[2011]
《Fu Qin De Cao Yuan Mu Qin De He》(Movie)[2011]
Fu Qin De Cao Yuan Mu Qin De He(Movie)[2011]

Fu Qin De Cao Yuan Mu Qin De He (Movie)[2011]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2011
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama

《Fu Qin De Cao Yuan Mu Qin De He》Episodes

For her mother's last wish, Zhao Lu came to the prairie with her mother's ashes to find her father who had never met before. Zhao Lu has been found to have loved his aunt Ulan aunt, Ulan arrangements father and son to meet, to mediate misunderstandings between father and son and contradictions, Zhao Lu has changed his father, once again with his father for some time get along, Zhao Lu understand the parents In those days, I felt the love of my father to my mother and the love of Zhao Lu. I settled my heart for many years and misunderstood my father's hatred of their mother and son. The two father and son did not understand each other until they finally cuddled and helped each other. Finally, Zhao Lu completed My mother's last wish, untied their own knot, to help father and Wulan painted the final satisfactory ending.

《Fu Qin De Cao Yuan Mu Qin De He》Cast

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