Guns N Roses(Movie)[2012]
《Guns N Roses》(Movie)[2012]

《Guns N Roses》Cast

Gu QianQian Yuanyuan Cheng Play)

Gu QianQian is a princess-style ladylike, a culture of temperament, but also a wealthy daughter. However, the road is full of hardships, fell in love with a cynical, irresponsible irresponsible small bully "Xiao DongBei", and frustrated love of the actor has also become a highlight of the film.

Yuanyuan Cheng

Cheng Yuan Yuan, born on April 26, 1986 in Jining, Shandong Province, China. In 2007, Cheng Yuan Yuan participated in the "Dream of Red Mansions" draft event, and finally finished the runner-up in the second edition of the Daiyu group, playing a Ping Er in Li Shaohong's version of "Dream of Red Mansions," which officially debuted. In 2011, Cheng Yuan Yuan won the nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the 11th Changchun Film Festival with action comedy "Golden Robbery"; the same year. She also starred in the play "family portrait." In 2012, Cheng Yuan Yuan starred in the inspirational drama Do not Call My Brothers. In 2015, Cheng Yuan Yuan starred in science fiction "Three Body." In 2016, Cheng Yuan Yuan starred in the costume drama "Ear Relief"; the same year, she also starred in the love story "love post office."

Fang Die Hong Tao Play)

Xiao Tao Hong (actress, born 1972) Charm quite like the beach in the Republic of the United States and the beautiful flower. However, she disclosed that he himself played "Big Brother" in the film. It appears that the smart snow Xiao Tao Hong (actress, born 1972) plays the "Thousand Faces demon" after a superficial, "sprinkling blood see the heart," murderous.

Hong Tao

Tao Hong (born January 15, 1972) is a Chinese actress and former synchronised swimmer. A National Games of China champion, Tao was part of the Chinese national team at several synchronised swimming competitions from 1987 to 1991, including the 1991 World Aquatics Championships.

Feng Die Tao Guo Play)

Guo Tao (actor) plays "Feng Die" - Jin Dabsuanlang completely subvert his previous screen image, but also by the "stone" in the young chiefs transformed into ragged, "no one, ghost Not a ghost "crazy old man. Participated in the late Qing Dynasty Boxers.

Tao Guo

Guo Tao (Chinese: 郭涛; pinyin: Guō Tāo; born December 17, 1969) is a Chinese actor.

Pu XiaoTong Songwen Zhang Play)

Manchu expensive, but in fact already known. Do not want to give up the proud of the bones, even knowing that the Manchu period has long been a dead end, the growing environment prompted him to work hard to defend the dignity. He had an engagement with Gu QianQian. When Gu QianQian opposed the marriage, Pu XiaoTong's identity as a descendant of the Qing court was completely revealed.

Songwen Zhang

Songwen Zhang, born in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province on May 10, 1976, graduated from the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. He is the director, director and performer in mainland China. In 2004, Songwen Zhang starred in Guangdong native sitcom "Dragon Dragon" debut. In 2006, starred in historical costume drama "Northern Wei Feng Taihou." In 2007, due to star in the suspense TV series "second side" in the play as the male lead Ma Mingxin attention. In 2008, in the historical drama "Bing Sheng" as Miss Wang Fu poor. In the same year, "Songwen Zhang International Performance Studio" was established. In 2009, starred in the history drama "Secret History of Yang Gui," in the play shaping the corner of Yang Guozhong was well-known audience. In 2012, Wei Jian, the snobbish but sad boss who played the comedy action movie "Modern Times," enjoyed the audience's attention. In 2014, participating in the suspense, comedy movie "lies big bang", Songwen Zhang in the film as a triad leader Gaokai. In 2016, he was invited to star in the suspense drama movie "There is a cloud of rain in the wind," who plays the director of Urban Construction Committee Tang Yi Jie. In 2017, the movie "Summer of West Creek" was nominated for the "New Wave" unit of the 22nd Busan International Film Festival and won the KNN Audience Award.

More Guns N Roses Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Xiao DongBei "Xiao DongBei" is absolutely full of handsome guy, coupled with the northeastern man's body "bad" and "pure weakness." Jiayin Lei one person decorated corner 4: "small bully, counseling, love and holy hero." This is also a text also Yiwu, bad and cute handsome guy, teach people how not to love him.
Keiichi Yamasaki Niao ShanXingZhiZhu No introduction
Wei Fan Shen Fu No introduction
Bo Huang Jie TouXiongDi No introduction
Chun Sun Bai MuRong No introduction
Hua Liu Wu Ge No introduction
Wen Wang Da DaoMu No introduction
Xiaojun Yue Shu LaoBian No introduction
Xinming Yang Gu XianMing No introduction
Lifan Dong Jin Jie No introduction
Shuo Yang Hei LaoDa No introduction
Yongjun Jiang Hei LaoEr No introduction
Ryûki Kitaoka Xin YouWeiMen No introduction
Ning Hao Jing Cha No introduction
Lee towering days Zhi PianWu No introduction
(None) Guang JiaoZheng No introduction
(None) Cha ShuiXiao No introduction
(None) Heng LuSiLing No introduction
(None) De NiLuo No introduction
Zi-hao Chen Xiao XiZi No introduction
(None) Mai HuaXiaoNvHai No introduction

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