May Day3 D N A(Movie)[2011]
《May Day3 D N A》(Movie)[2011]

《May Day3 D N A》 Movie Character Relationships

《May Day3 D N A》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《May Day3 D N A》Character Relationships:

《May Day3 D N A》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Xiao Qi

Xiao Qi, a taxi driver in Taipei who is suffering from emotional injuries, carried a mysterious female passenger Xiao Nai one night. She kept crying in the car and would prefer to have Xiao Qi's car wandering the streets in Taipei.

Xiao Nai

Xiao Nai stopped Xiao Qi's taxi in the street after meeting her boyfriend. Xiao Nai kept crying on the taxi and would prefer Xiao Qi's car to wander the streets of Taipei. The relationship between the two started to change after Xiao Qi put Mayday's "gentle" on it.

Guai Shou

Mayday guitarist Guai Shou, who went home with lead singer A Xin on a rainy night, could not hit the car but walked back.

Zhang Yu

A diligent young courier in Shanghai, working daily in the streets to shuttle hard work, the greatest wish is to quickly save enough money for the sister to listen to a Mayday concert.

Shi Tou

Mayday guitarist. In the company received a courier.

Fei Zai

Guangzhou, a "Fei Zai curry fish noodles" shop owner and chef. Although have a culinary skill, but the face of his baby daughter chasing stars are often helpless.

Ma Sha

Mayday bass hand. Curry fish egg shop customers.

Guan You

Mayday drummers, curry fish egg shop customers.

A Xin

May singer A Xin, who went home with guitarist Guai Shou on a rainy night, could not hit the car but walked back.

Le Le

No introduction

Xing Zai

No introduction

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