D I V A華麗之後(Movie)[2012]
《D I V A華麗之後》(Movie)[2012]

《D I V A華麗之後》 Movie Character Relationships

《D I V A華麗之後》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《D I V A華麗之後》Character Relationships:

《D I V A華麗之後》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Yan JingYi

Yan JingYi, a character of the day after class, traveled energetically every day at various workplaces, but when she removed her makeup, she found that her life was blank except for work. After getting to know the blind masseur Hu Ming, the two gradually rubbed the spark of love.

Hu Ming

Wenrong blind masseurs, former diving athletes, and the late Yan JingYi love


J and R brokers, 10 years ago, J in the dressing room crying just happened to be another artist's assistant to see the text, the text carefully persuaded J, so she was greatly touched. In fact, the text has been very appreciated J, so the two hit it off, the text decided to serve as J's broker, and J also readily accepted. 10 years later, J successfully held a solo concert, becoming all-powerful pop music days, do anything they want. Of course, all this is closely related to the "assistant" of the text, and he even uses the mean means to cheat the costumes of J concert.


Very much like singing R is a bar resident singer, the industry's little known also loved by everyone. Her life with bartender boyfriend is simple but very happy


No introduction


No introduction

A Gong

No introduction

Dan Jie

No introduction

Dao Yan

No introduction

Wen Jian new secretary

No introduction

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