Speed Angels(Movie)[2011]
《Speed Angels》(Movie)[2011]
Speed Angels(Movie)[2011]

Speed Angels (Movie)[2011]

Area: China | Hong Kong Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: Dec. 27,2011(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Plot | Action

《Speed Angels》Episodes

"Speed ​​Angels" About Rene Liu and Cecilia Cheung was the soul of the speed of the speed of the team, the two partners made countless championship. However, in a key match, the sudden disappearance of two led to the defeat of the team and thus dissolved. A year later, Streamers coach Han Jae-suk decided to reorganize the team. Tang Wei, a cab driver, was excavated by Han Jae-suk and Hussein trained him as a first-class driver and partner with Rene Liu and Chie Tanaka The leading Japanese racing team launched a battle of life and death. Speed ​​Angels poster This is a group of fashion, maverick urban girl's story, from speed to effort, the perfect showcase of urban girls fever project - racing, extreme sports and other activities in the real world and fantastic world extraordinary performance, clever Fusion series from a competitive, inspirational story, is a modern race car, extreme sports of the culmination of the racing led the first Asia Pacific action film girl. Outstanding driver Han Bing (faction) was fueled by her fiancé abandoning her and choosing to play hand in hand with You Mei, the club partner of Mega Speed ​​Racing. Today, Yan Feng Speed ​​coach Coach Gao Feng finds Han Bing, who indulges in alcohol again, inviting her to the Asian Cup competition and bringing in a new player from a taxi driver. Little Yin due to psychological stress and can not enter the state, this time You Mei relegation and Han Bing partner again. The team's elite rival Sakura Netelsov made a high profile appearance under the auspices of Han Bing's former fiancé Tsukizu and led You Mei to his command so there was no time to find players. Streamer only Han Bing and Xiaoyi partner to launch the only option, while the small car was injured in accordance with the accident, how the speed of flow breakthrough a lot of obstacles to reproduce the glory.

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