My Kingdom(Movie)[2011]
《My Kingdom》(Movie)[2011]

《My Kingdom》 Movie Character Relationships

《My Kingdom》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《My Kingdom》Character Relationships:

《My Kingdom》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Guan YiLong

Brother "Guan YiLong", the countryside came to the big city, who grew a lot of arrogance, act their own way, he and Meng ErKui is also a friend and friend of brothers and sisters, with each other, Two people lame and mute mutual pity, the last twins together with desperation End of the World. [4]

Meng ErKui

Meng ErKui childhood revenge, is a nonsense person. And Guan YiLong also a friend of friends and brothers, each other can not be separated from the enemy. [5]

Xi MuLan

Xi MuLan, a woman who has always been the mastermind of her own destiny, has love and hate, love and hatred, fear of gossips and out of secular shame, and a taboo mentoring with her master. [6]

Lu JuZhang

No introduction

Yu ShengYing

No introduction

Yue JiangTian

No introduction

Feng YiTai

No introduction

Shao NianMengErKui

No introduction

Shao NianGuanYiLong

No introduction

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