Mr. & Mrs.Single(Movie)[2011]
《Mr. & Mrs.Single》(Movie)[2011]

《Mr. & Mrs.Single》 Movie Character Relationships

《Mr. & Mrs.Single》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Mr. & Mrs.Single》Character Relationships:

《Mr. & Mrs.Single》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Man Di

Perfume company executives, the temperament seems to wear the female Devil Prada, although high, but Man Di is very empty heart, and once on the business like Cui Guomin, but Cui Guomin should have a wife so did not reveal the last Quietly left the city.

Cui MinGuo

Out of the ordinary "hidden marriage" family, before work into the company to take off the wedding ring, remember to put the ring back home from work, and Zhang JingYi, Man Di also has a messy emotional entanglements, and Man Di Clear, his wife is derailed so divorced, the last compound.

Zhang JingYi

Cui MinGuo's wife, she is a little bit of modern society a little worship, a little cute, a little wayward, the younger wife should be the sister of a sentence, and then began to suspect the husband, or even divorce, divorce a few years later I met my ex-husband again at the piazza.

Tuo Ni

A perfumer, he has a special nose of perfume, deeply loved by women, the surface is "unmarried", he is behind the encouragement of Cui Guomin, let Cui Guomin own intuition will be successful Later, Cui Guomin has become a perfume master.

A ManDa

No introduction

Ru XiaoGuo

No introduction

Lun Ge

No introduction

Dai Wei

No introduction

Xiang ShuiDaRen

No introduction

Song CanXiaoHuo

No introduction

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