Mr. & Mrs.Single(Movie)[2011]
《Mr. & Mrs.Single》(Movie)[2011]
Mr. & Mrs.Single(Movie)[2011]

Mr. & Mrs.Single (Movie)[2011]

Area: China | Hong Kong | Japan Language: 普通话/国语 | Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 2011
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Love

《Mr. & Mrs.Single》Episodes

Cui MinGuo, a man suffering from mortgage stress, enters the assistant of CEO of Perfume Company, who is the chief executive officer of Perfume Company, and Cui MinGuo has to hide her marital status for the happiness index of the family under the temptation of high salary. The company, partial or wife Zhang JingYi Cui MinGuo carefully started his office rookie career, one side to deal with the tough boss, one side to deceive the beloved wife, but also against crowding from colleagues, Oolong, miserable. Fortunately, keen sense of smell and talent for Cui MinGuo in the work gradually handy, won the long-awaited sense of accomplishment .About the company's major customer Yamamoto visit the company, the whole company in a panic among the upper and lower, Cui MinGuo inadvertently turn the tide, so that his boss Mandy admiration for him, the relationship between the two quietly underwent some changes, also caused Zhang JingYi's suspicion .In girlfriend's emotional writer Ru XiaoGuo under the guidance of Zhang JingYi penetrated the tiger came to the company and found Cui MinGuo hidden marriage. Forced The pressure of life, static should agree with the hidden marriage, the relationship between the two from the light to the dark, began a love of Infernal Affairs. Valentine's Day, Cui MinGuo was detained by the boss Mandy, under the influence of alcohol, Cui MinGuo dare to Mandy In an elevator accident, Mandy revealed his dependence on Cui MinGuo in front of Zhang JingYi, rekindling their marriage again, as Mandy began to reflect on his own harshness and raise his pay for Cui MinGuo. Test. On the other hand, Mandy with Cui MinGuo came to Fujian on a business trip, met the big star Allen, Allen was her hidden husband for many years before her husband .Metrocess of the two catalyzed by alcohol, almost guns and fire, the critical moment of Cui MinGuo Mandy left, Cui MinGuo alone with his wife's guilt returned to Beijing, bought a Zhang JingYi want for many years of diamond ring, and Zhang JingYi Cui MinGuo pulled out Diamond ring at that moment, according to Ru XiaoGuo said "a man suddenly has a ghost heart hello," the conclusion concluded Cui MinGuo betrayed himself, Proposed a divorce.A year later, Cui MinGuo became a perfumer, he modulated a perfume sold, huge perfume ads written on it, it is love antidote and advertising, is Two familiar warm smile.

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