Xin Kang Ding Qing Ge(Movie)[2010]
《Xin Kang Ding Qing Ge》(Movie)[2010]
Xin Kang Ding Qing Ge(Movie)[2010]

Xin Kang Ding Qing Ge (Movie)[2010]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2010
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | War | Adventure

《Xin Kang Ding Qing Ge》Episodes

In 1950, the People's Liberation Army stationed in the Kham region of Tibet to build Sichuan-Tibet Highway for Tibetan compatriots. As the PLA troops entered the Tibetan area, there was another slightly special person, Li Sujie. As a technician and a fledgling college student, Li Sujie, who first came to Tibet, encountered unprecedented challenges. From the body's strong discomfort, the shock of the immediate scene and unforeseen difficulties in the work. Soon after, Li Sujie met Da Wa, a Tibetan girl who had been a serf since childhood. Li Sujie, a young and energetic man, helped Da Wa break open the iron chains that had been tied to him for years and restored her freedom. At the same time, she was unlocked by Da Wa heart, she had the feeling of being a man for the first time, the beautiful and generous Da Wa sang Li Sujie enthusiasm for the Tibetan songs, which is the first song she sang to Lee Su-jie, the voice of nature attracted to the deep Li Sujie. In a construction accident, Li Sujie accidental injury, Da Wa in order to give him a cure, risking their lives up the mountain herbs, but also suffered serious injuries. Since then, two young hearts in the vast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the snow-capped snow-capped mountains at the foot of a collision of the sparks. Li Su-jie implicitly said he wanted to take Da Wa to learn vocal music in Suzhou, while Da Wa was full of joy in keeping his lover's promise silently. However, shortly afterward, irresistible forces from the real world separated the two beloved ones mercilessly, and Li Sujie returned to the city while Da Wa continued to remain lonely on the plateau, yet further distances blocked the continuous Love, then the high peaks can not stop the hot love. Since the day of separation, Li Sujie insisted on writing to Da Wa, writing for 60 years. Even though all the letters were returned because of "no such person being found," he persistently wrote his endless love. Da Wa has always waited for the promise of lover's commitment on the same day for the first time in 60 years. Although she only received a letter from Li Sujie during this period, she would prefer to remain alone and wait for her to give up My love. In this way, this invisible love can not even be cut in 60 different years. Sixty years later, when all the truth was revealed, Lee Soo-joo finally had the opportunity to return to the Tibetan areas. With all the things that Da Wa had given him in the past, he was excitedly looking forward to reunion with his lover. However, at that moment, Da Wa had just passed away because of the old injury left by Li Sujie in the same year, when Li Sujie arrived in Tibet 10 days ago. A pair of lovers in pain each other 60 years, men do not marry women do not marry, but in exchange for a step away from heaven and earth forever. Aged Li Sujie in that year and the first encounter of the lover recalled the feelings of the old days alone, seems to echo the ears of Ethereal Ethereal ethereal song.

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