Finding Sayun(Movie)[2011]
《Finding Sayun》(Movie)[2011]
Finding Sayun(Movie)[2011]

Finding Sayun (Movie)[2011]

Area: Taiwan, China Language:
Stars: Release data: 2011
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Family | Drama | Comedy

《Finding Sayun》Episodes

The story of a black tribe during the Japanese occupation era, in which the Taiya girl was killed and caught the crew of the mainland, came to explore the folk songs and prepared for the filming of the black tribal theme. Younger local youth always do not understand, a bell, there is a piece of stone to be broken, why make a few foreigners mesmerized. Youkuang uncle, especially the boss of the largest grocery store in the tribe, with a pile of titles on him, also serves as an assistant to the congressman. He runs three days in a row. However, because of the accidental death of his first husband's lover husband, he decided Time to stay in the tribe to help a little more busy. Foreign crew through the special collection of information in the tribe, hospitality, especially life, always do everything we can to help. Everyone on the never-ending Taiya girl - Sha Yun story, each with his own words, but more deeply the crew's curiosity about this legend.

《Finding Sayun》Cast

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