Wade Wilson Ryan Reynolds Play)

Wade Wilson, deceived to participate in testing a mutant human gene experiment to heal an incurable disease. In his experiment, Wilson gained regenerative ability and the cancer was cured. But in the process, his face and body were disfigured and his spirit was abnormal. A JiaKeSi to kill retaliation after becoming "dead paternity." Is a moment do not stop talking chatter.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds), born October 23, 1976 in Vancouver, Canada, is a Canadian actor. In 2009, Ryan Reynolds starred in the movie "Fake Marriage" and received nominations for several movie awards. In the same year, Ryan Reynolds played "Deadpool" in "Wolverine". In 2010, Ryan Reynolds won the 25th Best Goya Award for Best Actor for his performance in "Buried the Earth." In 2011, Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern in The Green Lantern. In 2012 Ryan Reynolds married actress Blake Lively. In 2013, Ryan Reynolds's works "Crazy Primitive", "Underworld Police Bureau" have been released. In 2015, Ryan Reynolds starred in Deadpool. In 2017, the action comedy movie "Ace Bodyguard" starring is released.

A JiaKeSi Ed Skrein Play)

A JiaKeSi, leader of a testing variant of the human genome. He and his female helper Sha Chen Tian Shi tortured Wilson for several years, making him a mutant, but in the process caused Wilson to disfigurement and mental disorders.

Ed Skrein

Edward George "Ed" Skrein (/skreɪn/; born 29 March 1983) is an English actor and rapper. Outside his rap career, he is best known for his roles as Daario Naharis in the third season of Game of Thrones, Frank Martin Jr. in The Transporter Refueled and Francis Freeman / Ajax in Deadpool.

Gang LiShi

Piotr Rasputin (Gang LiShi) turns every body structure into a steel-like substance, second to Wolverine's Edelman metal claws. A gentle man, is the strong backing of the X-Men.


No introduction

Black spider / juvenile force / warhead

He was once a member of the Hellfire Club and one of the mutants who had the nickname of "Black Queen". Her supernatural ability is similar to blasting. She and Gang LiShi had ruined the deadpool's revenge, causing A JiaKeSi to flee. Later, he helped Deadpool to rescue the kidnapped Fan NiSha and avenge A JiaKeSi.


No introduction

More Deadpool Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Brianna Hildebrand Black spider / warhead / juvenile force No introduction
Morena Baccarin Fan NiSha No introduction
Gina Carano Sha ChenTianShi No introduction
Leslie Uggams Blind Al No introduction
Style Dayne Jeremy No introduction
Stan Lee Strip Club DJ No introduction
Taylor Hickson Meghan Orlovsky No introduction
Jed Rees Recruiter No introduction
Karan Soni Dopinder No introduction
Paul Lazenby Flight Deck Guard No introduction
Kyle Cassie Gavin Merchant No introduction
Chad Riley Pool Hall Goon No introduction
Michael Benyaer Warlord No introduction
Randal Reeder Buck No introduction
Donna Yamamoto Oncologist No introduction
Rob Hayter Bob No introduction
(None) Huang ShuLang No introduction
(None) Guadalajaran Mother (guest) No introduction
(None) Weasel's Wife (guest) No introduction
(None) No5 Orange Manager No introduction
(None) Super Soldier # 1 No introduction
(None) Super Soldier # 2 No introduction
(None) Teen Girl # 1 No introduction
(None) Teen Girl # 2 No introduction
(None) David Cunningham No introduction
(None) Whisper Girlfriend No introduction
(None) Boothe No introduction
(None) Arcade Ticket Taker No introduction
(None) Chinatown Merchant No introduction
(None) Whisper Boyfriend No introduction
(None) Fight Club Boss No introduction
(None) Garbage Truck Driver No introduction
(None) Strip Club Worker No introduction

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