No Mans Land(Movie)[2013]
《No Mans Land》(Movie)[2013]
No Mans Land(Movie)[2013]

No Mans Land (Movie)[2013]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin | 陕西方言 | 甘肃方言
Stars: Release data: 2013
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Crime | Western

《No Mans Land》Episodes

Pan Xiao (Xu Zheng (Actor)), a well-known but ludicrous attorney, successfully helped to steal the national rare bird Altay Falcon and cruelly kill the northwest of a police officer with solid legal knowledge and exquisite counsel. Poaching gang boss (Duobujie ornaments) Elution charges. Boss promised to pay the balance after ten days, Pan Xiao asked each other with a red car mortgage. After that, he drove a new car onto the metropolis from the desert in the northwest. Who knows the dangerous road, first and a pair of open lathe grass brother (Wang Shuangbao & Duo Ba ornaments) friction, resulting in injuries, then accidentally crashed into a seemingly seeking help for the men (Huang Bo ornaments ). Pan Xiao, who knew her life on the stand, went to a black shop devoted to illegal activities and got acquainted with Ji Nv (Yu Nan) who was trapped there. At the same time, poaching boss trailing, it seems another dangerous plan. At this moment, Pan Xiao has not really realized how a dangerous journey ahead of him ...

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