Aftershock (Movie)[2010]

Area: China | Hong Kong Language: Mandarin | 唐山话
Stars: Release data: Jul. 22,2010(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | History | Disaster


In 1969, truck driver Fang DaQiang welcomed his twins in prayer: Fang Deng and Fang Da. His wife Li YuanNi almost died because of difficult births, good mother and child safety, the family left the hospital happily, from ordinary to happy life. Time went by 1976, Tangshan, a medium-sized industrial city, although the family only has a small space, but warm and harmonious. Fong Fang sister was obviously more lively than his younger brother Fang Da, Fang DaQiang often go out, finally come back once, both siblings are particularly happy. One evening in July, Fang DaQiang returned to his home. On the road outside the community, Fang DaQiang and Yuan Ni hid in a truck on the affectionate, suddenly - an earthquake. To save the children, Fang DaQiang died, Fang Deng and Fang Da were pressed on the same floor on both sides, no matter what people want to save, give up the other one. Yuan-ni chose the frail brother Fonda, and sober-Fang Deng heard the mother made a choice. After the earthquake, Yuan Ni alone raised her son and chose to survive. The deceased Fang Deng was adopted by his wife Wang DeQing and entered a whole new world. Mother and daughter, siblings from each side until the Wenchuan earthquake 32 years later, their trajectory of life come back together.

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