Great Expectations(Movie)[1999]
《Great Expectations》(Movie)[1999]
Great Expectations(Movie)[1999]

Great Expectations (Movie)[1999]

Area: United Kingdom Language: English | 希腊语
Stars: Release data: Apr. 12,1999(England)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama

《Great Expectations》Episodes

Pip (Ian Glafde Ioan Gruffudd ornaments) was born in a poor family, was abandoned by his parents when he was pulled by the temper sister hand. By chance, Pip came to Stilt Manor Manor, where the mysterious lady Hau Wei (Charlotte Rampling) and her niece Estella (Jasz Justine Waddell). Pip spent a dream in the manor for the same time, his life trajectory has changed. Over time, Pippa gradually fell in love with the beautiful and fickle Estella, and in order to be able to deserve her, Pipu secretly resolved to squeeze into the upper class. A mysterious subsidy gave Pipu a chance to go abroad for further studies. However, when Pip returned, he waited for the cruel truth that was as cold as iron.

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