More Than Blue(Movie)[2009]
《More Than Blue》(Movie)[2009]
More Than Blue(Movie)[2009]

More Than Blue (Movie)[2009]

Area: Korea Language: Korean
Stars: Release data: 2009
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Love

《More Than Blue》Episodes

"This man must be placed beside her." Both Jiang Zhekui, a radio producer who works with him, and Eun-yuan, a lyricist, are all poor people from the past life, one who lost his father and was abandoned by his mother, Another lost his parents due to traffic accidents. Two people who share similar experiences walked together and regarded each other as their own family, friends and relatives, thus making up for the vacancies in life, love each other, trust each other, and slowly put regret aside and live Simple but full of happiness. However, a sudden illness led to Zhekui only more than 200 days of life. He is reluctant to leave a person Enum, if left alive, Enyuan is really just a person, without helplessness. So, he hides his condition, and secretly made a decision, that is, with the rest of his time for Ng Yuan find a man who can take care of his life for a lifetime. Zhu Huan () appeared. Dentist, with wisdom and wisdom, born gentle temper in the eyes of Zhekui that he is more than anyone else have the ability to give Ngomeh a happy life, Ehime seems to fall in love with Zhu Huan. And even more magically coincidentally, Zhu Huan, who first met Ng Yuan in a snowy weather, was overwhelmed by her love at first sight. Zhekui decides to choose Zhu Huan as the ideal target of the plan. In the eyes of Zhekui, he is the happiness most likely to bring to En Yuan. So he did his best to fulfill his wishes. "If you let me know in advance my good intentions, the result, you and his love is not also a smooth sprout it?" Zhe-kui deliberately created a chance to meet with Zhu Huan Ngong, the latter's feelings between him Control the sense of slowly deepening. It seems that everything has been developed in anticipation, and seeing a beloved as he moves to another under the arrangement of his own hand also brings tremendous sadness to Zhekui, who only hides it quietly. Finally, with deep nostalgia and sincere wishes, Zhekui personally selected a wedding gown for Ngun and took her step by step toward the church. Perhaps because of the blessing of happiness, sadness seems to be sad. However, everything is for happiness, everything is sad because of happiness. Did you know that time? Love is not touched by hand but by heart. Even if love becomes a sad thing, though it is sad, but because of the happy thing, they are more sad than the sad story opened. Looking at the scenes of the story, all this really Zhekui arranged, or. In fact, the story is far more sad than it is written here.

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