Glittering Day(Movie)[2009]
《Glittering Day》(Movie)[2009]
Glittering Day(Movie)[2009]

Glittering Day (Movie)[2009]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2009
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama

《Glittering Day》Episodes

He Lao Tai, who lives in the Gold Fish Pond in Nancheng District, Beijing, is too famous in this area. He is surrounded by nephew police officers and He Lao Tai is given to children as young as three years old. He LaoDa has three sons in their courtyard, and He LaoDa is a master of world culture, poetry, painting and calligraphy in Beijing. When He LaoDa consultant in the unit, could not bear the new leadership because he was not allowed to carry a bird cage to work, dumped sentence "Lord did not wait" to resign, go home and rest. He LaoEr's wife is about to give birth, and his obsessive collection of antique furniture so he did not go home for 35 days, less than 10 square meters of the house, was holding the pinch of the stuffing are almost gone, the second is a "wife Strict management "But for the collection, the couple often red face. Third son He LaoSan is the least worried about the old lady, he self-proclaimed by sociologists, his family ignored his wife, I feel this little thing is not worth their own bother, talking all day talking about energy shortages, population Excess, desertification and so on the "big problem." Say to himself: None of these things can be ruled by the United Nations, and I am greatly disappointed with them. On a hot night, He LaoSan was wracking his wife and Zhang Meng. Suddenly the electric gate of the simple building burned, suddenly a dark, condemning everywhere. Residents in the embarrassed heat had only to complain in the Temple of Heaven over night, while He LaoDa was like no one took the violin, attracted everyone praise: Or uncle live moist ah. Youth Yang QiuLin crush He Yueo daughter Daughter He Yue, repeatedly find He Yue boyfriend's crop, put himself and He Yue is "old good" posture, so He Yue intolerable, Yang QiuLin singing his song when Guitar hit him in the head. Do not want to hit this hit actually hit the spark of love. One day heavy rain, rain rushed to what gables gables, everyone worked together to rescue to the night. He LaoSan intends to repair the relationship with Zhang Meng, urging his wife to go home quickly. At this moment, Liu YuLan, a homeless He LaoEr with a big belly, came to his home to spend the night in bed and planned He LaoSan and Zhang Meng focusing on the old dreams to be poured from a bowl of cold water to the sole of the feet, The house temporarily let a brother Elvish, two people walking side by side in the rain to find their original romantic gone. Liu YuLan received a university admission notice, is joy do not want to break the water, the child also will be born. This is a bolt from the blue to He LaoEr, the duo of double happiness. He Yue was closer and closer to Yang QiuLin, and they also summed up to "renew their front line" for their widowed, single parents. He LaoEr eventually arrived but the collection of temptation, angry while reading the textbook while feeding her son Liu YuLan shouted every day, "the day can not be over." He is also left ear to hear right ear. In the meantime, He LaoSan frequently received reports from his neighbors about him: At some time, his wife and strange men saw him excuse me. Had to rack one's brains to come up with a mockery of excuse his wife, to close himself in a big problem who can not understand the truth. In the end, Zhang Meng decided to go abroad, and He LaoSan tried to restore it but it was no good.He LaoEr's son almost burnt the house with fire, Liu YuLan broke out angrily and picked up an ax to cut his collection of furniture. He LaoTai was able to quell the flying rescue. The couple chose to divorce. After a series of events, He LaoTai fell ill and the torn home came together again. After some time, the demolition of the goldfish pond has finally become a reality.

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