My So-called Love(Movie)[2008]
《My So-called Love》(Movie)[2008]
My So-called Love(Movie)[2008]

My So-called Love (Movie)[2008]

Area: Taiwan Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2008
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love

《My So-called Love》Episodes

Xiao Mao, who ran away from home because of being incommunicable with her stepfather and then met A Liang, a pure-looking young boy, started a couple of pure innocent love that she thought love was all about. As A Liang enlisted, she was lonely and Xiao Mao, who is under financial pressure, tried to make friends online and just met a middle-aged man who just wanted money for sex. Xiao Gu (), both of whom later found themselves in various fields, fell into the world of love and desire Xiao Mao, an undergraduated college student, discovered that love was not only emotional but also desires.When Xiao Mao thought her true love was met, she discovered the fact that Xiao Gu was married, and then A Liang discovered Xiao Mao's online payment record while Then A Liang was confessional and had a relationship in the army who liked her own school brother, and she still had no love answer after ten years between emotion and reason. At a colleague's dinner, she met Sunshine ( ), Although he can not hear since childhood, but optimistic and never give up easily, personality warm and talented. To the end of it.

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