Fatal Move(Movie)[2008]
《Fatal Move》(Movie)[2008]
Fatal Move(Movie)[2008]

Fatal Move (Movie)[2008]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese | English
Stars: Release data: 2008
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action | Crime

《Fatal Move》Episodes

Lian HaoLong (Sammo Hung), a loyal supporter of "Loyalty and Faith," is a veteran of the age and runs a full moon wine reception to help the public. Although the child was born under his Pinky Cheung, Lian HaoLong's wife Soso (Kelly Niu Tien) is quite a Sao style. However, because of the large number of banquets, causing riots. At the time of the confrontation between cops and robbers, Liao ZhiZong (Danny Lee (actor), Senior Inspector of the Anti-triad Group) came out to defuse a bloody battle. Brother Lian HaoDong (Simon Yam ornaments) gambling sex, so Lian HaoLong deliberately advised him to close his hand, a total of Syrian brotherhood. After a 300-million-yuan drug trade was smashed by the police, an abduction by Hui Shiu-hung took place. The anti-triad operation of the police caused the demise of Lian HaoLong's lover, leaving only Luo TianHong (Wu Jing (actor) who was ruthless) to escape. Female police officer Lei MeiZhen (Maggie Shiu ornaments) by luring the enemy in depth, access to critical intelligence, the police opened the earth network. In the meantime, Lian HaoLong was also shocked to find a spy who killed him in his life-and-death party and eventually led to the demise of "loyalty and faith" and Lian HaoLong ...

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