Love and be loved(Movie)[1947]
《Love and be loved》(Movie)[1947]
Love and be loved(Movie)[1947]

Love and be loved (Movie)[1947]

Area: China Hong Kong Language: 国语
Stars: Release data: 1947
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love | Drama

《Love and be loved》Episodes

Du ShaFei is daughter, there are many wealthy children to pursue, but she love hard-working Zhang Ping. Zhang Ping, a small Zhi Yuan from a company, wanted to please Sharon and was willing to pretend to be Jing Li. Fortunately, this did not affect the two feelings. Zhang Ping admired Du Weng and soon married Sappi. However, after marriage, husband and wife often encounter friction because of small things. Although Zhang Ping relocated many times, she could not endure Shafei's temper and ran away in anger. After the separation of the two, Zhang Ping's career is booming, but Du Jia family fell. Sophie persuaded his father, take the initiative to find Zhang Ping to meet, the two were complex. Zhang Ping rely on Shafei rely on him, repeatedly teased her, Sha Fei angry, I decided to leave Zhang Ping, self-reliance. Zhang Ping regretted this very much and personally went to Shafi to teach the school, hoping to compound with her. When two people travel to a farm shelter from rain, witnessed the farmer daughter can not be the pain of their own marriage, epiphany of the happiness of free love, but also understand that the couple should get along with each other understanding.

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