Liuzhiqinmo (Movie)[1965]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 1965
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action


Cockloft lake, the sound of music in the dark pass array array murderous machine, it seems that the bloody 16 years ago to tell ... ... Six major sects to seize the "devil", siege Xuemei, saw the parents died in six major sects Under the men, fighting brother Xiao Lin lost, Xuemei into the deep valley ...... After sixteen years this day is the Tigers Dart main Lu Teng empty gold basin wash Jiri, there is a mysterious figure to come to the dart, the condition is Lu Teng empty Charge dart, the dart box to Suzhou Hanxun mansion. Tian Lu Escort Lord Lu Lin, young and fit, without the knowledge of his parents took this trip dart, do not want to hide the dart box was actually "Magic of the Day." "Demonic Qin" to reproduce the arena, the various factions master has darted. Lvteng empty and Simon a force of the master, ordered Lu Lin escort on the road. Brigade fireworks disciple Yuehua Qiao play Lu Lin, so that "Ghost slave" to take away the dart box, while the ever-changing, confusing Lu Lin. Crucial moment "Six refers to the piano magic" appeared, to help Lu Lin dodge box. Lunar New Year on the way to Lu Lin impotence. "Ghost slave" to return to the "ghost palace", the dart box opened, it was found to be fake "Magic Days", "Ghost St." furious. Lu Lin empty with Lu Teng, a meeting of Simon aunt, the dart box to Hansen House, Hansen and Han Yuxia then dart, and found insider actually was the main Han Ping's head. Lu Teng empty waiting for a pedestrian decided to find "six fingers" asked to understand. The major factions gathered in Xianrenfeng and found that "Mr. Liu Zhi" was dead, but Hanping's first-class ambassador and black-and-white impermanence corpses have made it difficult for all major factions to complain. In order to complain, everyone Rush. Lu Teng empty seriously injured, sound-filled, six refers to the magic instrument appears, so he was 16 years of Wang Xuemei. Lu Lin arrived, saw the righteous father angry, mournful, suspected Xuemei to kill the father and enemy, Xuemei did not intend to find, Lin actually was a long-lost brother ... ...

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