Ai LiSi Ellen Chan Play)

Ai LiSi is a female zombie, identity after breaking the identity of Ai LiSi May, please Master to catch the demon.

Ellen Chan

Ellen Chan Ar-Lun (born February 16, 1966) is a Hong Kong actress who has appeared in a number of Hong Kong film productions.

May Sheila Chan Play)

Jiang DaCong's friends. After seeing Ai LiSi identity, please master to catch demon.

Sheila Chan

Sheila Chan (陳淑蘭, Pinyin: Chen Shulan) is a Hong Kong actress.

Jiang DaCong Bowie Lam Play)

Yi Sheng, a young surgical surgeon who was later bitten by Ai LiSi, became a zombie Yi Sheng.

Bowie Lam

Bowie Lam, born September 4, 1965 in Hong Kong, China (native of Haifeng County, Shanwei City), Hong Kong, China actor and singer. In 1987, Bowie Lam was entertained by Ip Yi-sing for the choral song "Clutches". 1991 debut album, the same year signed TVB. In 2004 by virtue of "Golden Mean" won the TVB Star Awards ceremony best actor, in 2010 by virtue of "Pearl of the Hand" won the fifteenth Asian Television Awards best actor. In 2011, the contract was terminated with wireless television stations. In 2012, the company contracted Toyotomi's entertainer company. In the same year, the TV series "Shuang Xiong" produced by Huayi Brothers Hao Lin's studio was taken. In 2014, she played Yuan Piet in the movie "Taiping" directed by John Woo.

MAY live with friends Crystal Kwok Play)

Crystal Kwok

Crystal Kwok, born May 13, 1966 in California, USA, graduated from Threatre Arts at UCLA University in the United States and later holds a master's degree in literature from the University of Hong Kong. actor. In 1987, Miss Chinatown USA after joining Golden Harvest movie company, the first film is "dragon fighter"; in 1993 directed the first film "Executive tea pot Aberdeen"; 1999 joined the cable television host.

More Jiangshiyisheng Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Fui-On Shing Da GeDa No introduction
David Wu (Hong Kong actor) Yi Sheng No introduction
Shek Yin Lau Pang YiSheng No introduction
James Wong (lyricist) Fu YuanZhang No introduction
Kuang Ni Mainland Buffy Master No introduction
(None) Yin Mo No introduction
(None) Bo Jue No introduction

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