Jiayouxishi (Movie)[1959]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 1959
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy


Mr. Feng Geng-tang (Rowe), the mill owner, has been married to Mrs. Elfin (Wang Lai) for many years and her children have grown up. The eldest son Feng Zukang (Lei Zhen) after graduating from college, working in his father's friend opened the company, did not inherit his father; young girl Feng Yalin (Ding Hao) unruly self-willed, all day long and floating boy David (Tian Qing) around to play, abandoned school. Fung Geng Tang see his wife addicted to mahjong, gradually feel the lack of family warmth, all day unhappy. One day, introduced by Jiang Jiang (Jiang Guangchao), a girl named Du Huifang (You Min) was recruited as secretary. Du Huanfang careful work due diligence, won Feng Gengtang appreciation. Originally Du Huifang was born poor, his father since his death, and his mother (Ouyang Saffi) and young children dependent on each other. Mother for many years, unable to make a living, younger brother is still studying, Du Huifang dropped out of school job. Feng Geng Tang deep sympathy, unconsciously actually had a delicate feeling on Du Huanfang. One day, Du Hui-fang mother seriously ill, Feng Geng-tang sent her to hospital for treatment, took the opportunity to put Du Huanfang Huanjiaozhujiao thing. Du Huifang reported Feng Geng Church grace, reluctantly agreed. Unexpectedly, the incident was actually detected by Feng Zukang, immediately inform the mother and sister. Shefen Fen daughter ordered to follow her husband to their new home, collect evidence. Fung Yat-ling photographed his father and Du Huan-fang's photos, Shi Erfen furious, want to destroy the public. After the son of persuasion, strong anger, borrowed the words Du Hui-fang back home temporarily, pending completion of the new home renovation. Feng Geng Tang did not dare to voice his face embarrassed. Shi Erfen that Du Huifang admire vanity, seduce her husband, the desire to be humiliated in her, unexpectedly get along, Du Huanfang plain profound good, greatly improved on her. Feng Zukang to go home from work, even found that Du Hui-fang that is, their secondary school students, then the same holiday travel abroad, love 愫 dark. Sheer Fen encouraged his son to pursue Du Hui-fang, and ordered her daughter to monitor her husband, in order to never miss. Earlier, Feng Zukang transferred to Singapore. Delivered on the day, Sier Fen expose her husband's mind, but also ordered his son and Du Huanfang counterparts to create a new student.


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