Huajieshennu (Movie)[1991]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 1991
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Terror


Mo Cai a family because of sin, can not be reincarnated, only a granddaughter Mo ZuZu is still alive. Mo Cai learned that Zuzu will die in a few months and that this death is also the only chance for Mo because she can find a man with a strong yang to die, Reincarnation. Mo Cai selected 10,000 balls, the name of Wanbo, Mo Cai magic manufacturing accident, only to get the ancestral sacrifice, and later Mo Cai Zuzu reincarnation, Wan wave fishing. Wanbo and Zuzu have finally become lovers, and Zuzu informed Wanbo of the truth, but Wanbo did not blame the ancestors and made the ancestors wander over the hearts of Wanderers. After gentleness, Wanbo decided to fight the high belligerence, and Wanbo was beaten To lie on the ground, unconscious, and finally Mo Cai merciful, so Wanbo can still be a man, because Pan Guan already know that Mo Cai will be reincarnated as the ancestral son. But Pan Guan said the secret can not be leaked.

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