Alicein Wonderland(Movie)[1999]
《Alicein Wonderland》(Movie)[1999]
Alicein Wonderland(Movie)[1999]

Alicein Wonderland (Movie)[1999]

Area: United Kingdom | United States | Germany Language: English
Stars: Release data: 1999
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Fantasy | Family | Adventure

《Alicein Wonderland》Episodes

It has been ten years since that adventure adventure. Alice, who once roamed the wonders of the world, has been 19 years old and she lives in a magnificent and affluent manor. She lives comfortably and lives extravagantly. Under the guidance of social customs, she gradually grows into the hope of the family Aristocratic women, have long forgotten their wonderful experience at the age of 9. Time flies, at the 19-year-old birthday party for her family, a rich son to marry him, the other is Hamish Escott (), although full of wealth, but stupid and rigid personality, with Alice is not All the way Alice realized that she did not want such a life, she is eager to change the status quo under the leadership of the White Rabbit, Alice again into Wonderland. Here is still where her childhood has come, everything has not changed much, with a fantastic yellow pupil Feng MaoZi () took the lead in welcoming Alice's arrival, while the fierce heart of the Queen () still screamed To cut other people's head, and even his sister Bai HuangHou () also let go. With the help of the twin brothers (), Alice gradually regained her memory and she would re-examine her in this fairy-tale wonderland.

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