Love Without End(Movie)[1970]
《Love Without End》(Movie)[1970]
Love Without End(Movie)[1970]

Love Without End (Movie)[1970]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: Jul. 18,1970(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love | Drama

《Love Without End》Episodes

Qing Qing (Jenny Hu) is a singer. By accident, she meets the young architect Tang PengNan (Yun Ling). The two people who fell in love at first sight came together quickly and became deeply emotional Couple, two people live in happiness. Unfortunately, the bad luck came in Tang PengNan's family. His father had a stroke and needed considerable financial resources for treatment. To help his boyfriend, Qing Qing decided to betray Tang PengNan with his body. A wealthy businessman fancy Qing Qing, let her go on vacation with her, did not expect that this event was eventually known by Tang PengNan. Angry Tang PengNan think Qing Qing too rich and poor love, nature is hard to move, then chose to break with her, Qing Qing sadly depressed. Later, Tang PengNan finally learned the ins and outs of the incident and regretted that he wanted to reunite with Qing Qing. At this time, Qing Qing had already suffered from an incurable disease.

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