The Ghost Inside(Movie)[2005]
《The Ghost Inside》(Movie)[2005]
The Ghost Inside(Movie)[2005]

The Ghost Inside (Movie)[2005]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2005
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Terror

《The Ghost Inside》Episodes

Dalian's winter, snow fly, cold pressing. Lin XiaoYue and her 6-year-old daughter, Ni Ni, are in a taxi and ready to move into new homes. A few months ago, she broke off with her husband, Awe, intending to divorce her and wanted to take Ni Ni's custody. Aria can not lose Ni Ni, only with Ni Ni around to avoid. Aria with Ni Ni and simple luggage came to the new home, together with the elevator fat woman told Aria, her newly rented house had a murder, saying that the homeowner threw the daughter out of the window, and then jumped to commit suicide, the little girl died When is 6 years old! A couple of days later, Aria was always doing the same nightmare: she threw Ni Ni downstairs and jumped on. And the dream is more real than once, stronger than once. As a result, Aria in all the windows and doors are pulled wire, Ni Ni naughty to avoid opening the window, accidents. The whole room is like a cage, Aria unconsciously turned himself into a "beast" locked in an invisible cage. In the ensuing days, after Ni Ni came home from school, he always liked to hide in his room. Aria did not care at first, by chance when Ni Ni room, she heard the cheerful laughter and conversation, as if playing with another child. Akira push the door to see what happens, but saw Ni Ni is a person playing doll alone. Gradually, Akira feel his daughter suddenly alienated himself, and, Ni Ni look at her eyes also different from before, it seems with a sense of insecurity, Aria began to blame recently often uncontrollable emotions, from time to time to She shouted, sometimes weeping in front of her. Ni Ni, often scared in nightmares, was terrified. Aria begins to worry that Ni Ni will hate himself and will want to go back to her father. On that day, at dinner, Ni Ni suddenly said that he had a friend who called her favorite. She lived in her room and Akira lost his temper and lied to Ni Ni. In the evening, Aria dreamed of throwing Ni Ni out of the window himself and then jumped on. Suddenly, a woman's voice came from behind her, Akira Meng turned around and saw a young woman sitting on the couch, looked a little satisfied and satisfied with a little dark. A woman said she was a man with the moon, and a 6-year-old daughter is the favorite. Aria heard "favorite" word, immediately hit a Cold War, "favorite" is not Ni Ni mentioned it? The young woman went on to say that her husband had betrayed her mother and daughter, so she asked him not to be hanged for a lifetime, so seven years ago, she picked up her daughter and committed suicide.

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