The Making of Double Vision(Movie)[2002]
《The Making of Double Vision》(Movie)[2002]

《The Making of Double Vision》 Movie Character Relationships

《The Making of Double Vision》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《The Making of Double Vision》Character Relationships:

《The Making of Double Vision》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Huang HuoTu

Taipei police officers, who were stabbed to limbo two years ago as a result of exposing their colleagues to corruption, are scheduled to work in the unpopular foreign affairs unit. Is a police officer with psychological barriers and has taken an evasive attitude in the face of real problems.

Qing Fang

The wife of Huang HuoTu, a police officer, turned her daughter into an autistic husband because her husband reported being embezzled by his colleagues and her husband's long absence from home even made her intolerable and demanded divorce.

Kai Wen·LaiTe

The FBI special investigators on serial killings were sent to assist Huang Huo Tu in investigating the case at the police station's request.

Fa Yi

No introduction

Li FengBo

No introduction

Xie YaLiYiSheng

No introduction

Dao JiaoZhuanJia

No introduction

Jing ChaJuZhang

No introduction

Xie YaLi

No introduction

Zhen TanZhang

No introduction

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