The Making of Double Vision(Movie)[2002]
《The Making of Double Vision》(Movie)[2002]
The Making of Double Vision(Movie)[2002]

The Making of Double Vision (Movie)[2002]

Area: Taiwan | United States Language: 普通话/国语 | English | Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 2002
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Documentary

《The Making of Double Vision》Episodes

Taipei, bustling metropolitan city, the modern high-tech life and the traditional Chinese faith for thousands of years co-exist. In this indifferent city, people believe that ghosts are as real as tall buildings. The city is full of traffic, the crowd exchanges shuttle, a physically and mentally impaired police officers are wrestling with the unknown mysterious devil, threatened not only his life, but also his soul. The world of police officer Huang HuoTu is gradually torn apart. Two years ago, Huang HuoTu was beaten to cold limbs by exposing his colleagues for embezzlement. His colleagues were angrily opposed to him and his wife Qing Fang could not stand the long-term absence from his home and demanded divorce. At the moment, three bizarre murders have shaken the entire police force. The three victims have no correlation with each other's identity, but Fa Yi, who was on a post-mortem examination, found a mysterious black mold together in the brain of three deceased persons, all of whom died in an illusory state. Obviously this is done by successive murderers and is the first time in Taiwan's history. The police responsible for the investigation also lacked the expertise in this area. Under the atmosphere of panic in the community, the top leaders turned to the United States, the best ally in Taiwan. The FBI sent an expert Kai Wen LaiTe who specializes in such cases to come and help. With the participation of foreigners, Huang HuoTu did something, though he found himself in a very unlucky position. Li FengBo, his former case-control partner, warned him that if he helped the Americans solve the case, the entire police station would be again shamed and the consequences would probably not be merely a result of the Cold War. But Huang HuoTu intuition as a detective is far more than his political judgment, he and Wright soon start the case, thus making the case a lot of progress. Then the shocking discovery came about. They found that the murderer was murdered on the basis of an ancient and rare Taoist image and that the purpose of immortality was achieved by sending evil people into five cruel and horrible hellings and this also foreshadowed that there would be more Victim appears. For Huang HuoTu, this seems to imply that somewhere supernatural powers are manipulating everything, but Wright, who values ​​practical science, can not agree. In the end they are looking for an evil serial killer or a life-threatening ghost. When another bloody piece of evidence reappears, they seem to have to accept the possibility of both hypotheses.

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