ItsaMad, Mad, MadWorldIII(Movie)[1989]
《ItsaMad, Mad, MadWorldIII》(Movie)[1989]
ItsaMad, Mad, MadWorldIII(Movie)[1989]

ItsaMad, Mad, MadWorldIII (Movie)[1989]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: Feb. 2,1989(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Family

《ItsaMad, Mad, MadWorldIII》Episodes

Biao Shu (Bill Tung), who has received 30 million bonuses in Canada, returned to live in Hong Kong. The family who has never seen so much money has decided to withdraw all the cash from the bank. The so-called Choi can not be exposed, their behavior so high-profile caused the robbers attention. The robbers took away all their cash and the car the robbers had opened suddenly exploded and all the banknotes were destroyed. Biao Shu lamented that he has become a poor man again. However, their luck was still there. When they found out that the receipts for the money were burned along with the banknotes, the bank could only serve as Biao Shu and the family had not yet received a huge sum of money of 30 million to allow him to withdraw the funds again. They are once again rich. It is time to arrive, Biao Shu's daughters also won more than 3 million in Macau.

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