Baishezhuan (Movie)[1962]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 1962
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Music | Fantasy | Costume


The film based on the Chinese Minjie legend "" and Lin Fangxiong's "Lady Bai's の trick" adaptation. Xu Xian is a poor young man living by the West Lake. Bai Niang lent his umbrella to him and asked him to marry him. Xu Xian received two packets of silver as a wedding reserve, when opened a look, the silver was actually stolen goods. Xu Xian was flogged after being questioned and sent to Suzhou for jail. Fortunately, her husband spent money to save Xu Xian from jail. When Xu Xian was a hostel in Suzhou, Bai Niang caught up with Xu Xian in Suzhou and expressed her sincere condolences to Xu Xian. Later, two people live happily together. One day, a Maoshan priest warned Xu Xian that he was fascinated by the demon and that his wife was White Snake. Bai Niang punished the Maoshan priest and later revealed the original form because of the real wine drunk during the Dragon Boat Festival, scaring Xu Xian. Bai Niang obtained immortality, while Xu Xian provoked distrust from Naikam Taoist priest Bai Niang and escaped to Fa Hai to seek refuge. Bai Niang and Xiao Qing Shi Shuanshui Jinshan, Bai Niang fall, Xu Xian in the final repentance, died of suicide, and Bai Niang meet in heaven.

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