Shaolin Popey2: Messy Temple(Movie)[1994]
《Shaolin Popey2: Messy Temple》(Movie)[1994]
Shaolin Popey2: Messy Temple(Movie)[1994]

Shaolin Popey2: Messy Temple (Movie)[1994]

Area: Hong Kong | Taiwan Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 1994
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Action

《Shaolin Popey2: Messy Temple》Episodes

For a while disappeared before the demonic demons out of the mountains again, this time her purpose is printed in the Wulong hospital wall master right hand helm pulp marrow. As a result, demons bought a confused killer yellow lemon (Zhang Weijian ornaments) and red lemon (Ye Quanzhen ornaments), sent two to go to Wulong hospital cut down the wall of the right hand master brought back. Huang lemon and red lemon came to Oolong Hospital, met three of the temple's whereabouts of grotesque disciples, the three from time to time with his master (Lee Myung-bak ornaments) fighting the law, red and yellow lemon but think these three are not simple. The three disciples behave weird, comedy scene from time to time. Finally, red, yellow lemon can complete the task?

《Shaolin Popey2: Messy Temple》Cast

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